Call for Submissions: UnspokenUnsung Survivor Solidarity

I’m sticking this call for submissions behind a ‘more’ tag because it is about stories of rape, which may be too sensitive to read about – even in a call for submissions.

I am writing a zine about rape and am searching for submissions from survivors of rape and attempted rape from all identities and orientations. Please reblog and help me to get the word out about this project, thanks!

Project aims

-To make a zine of survivors stories and commentary, to broaden people’s ideas of what rape are, to help them understand that often rape happens in the context of established relationships, that survivors don’t identify themselves for a variety of complex reasons and that if so many people get raped, as research consistently shows, we are likely to also know perpetrators, without knowing who either the survivors or perpetrators of these crimes are.

-To make the zine intersectional, trans inclusive and to give everyone who is a survivor a chance to share their contributions.

-To promote conversations, awareness and to get people thinking about consent a bit more. I want allies to stand up and speak up. I’ve heard so many people say that rape is wrong and that they’d never do it, BOTH of my rapists used to regularly say this, both identified as feminists.

-To hear voices of solidarity from men about rape. This is a separate project, but I am planning on trying to make a compilation album of original songs in collaboration with musician friends, which will be put out with the zine. I listen to music, mostly post-hardcore and post-punk. Within these genres, with the exception of Fugazi’s ‘Suggestion’, I can’t find any men speaking out about rape. I want to hear voices of solidarity and make an album with musicians I know that will maybe help other survivors like myself who are exasperated that men haven’t felt this issue was compelling enough to sing about.

This is shared here so that you understand the full context of the project before you choose whether or not to participate. If you want to know more about the musical project please email or PM me. -The main aim of the project is not fundraising, though any money made after breaking even would be donated to rape crisis centres (we will make sure they are secular and trans inclusive) in the regions where the zine will be available. The project is more about personal catharsis and trying to prompt conversations than make money specifically.

I understand some people will not like this idea of men singing about rape, but I feel that it’s something that would have very much made me feel supported and validated. Riot Grrrl music has been a huge comfort to me, but I have been dismayed to find this massive silence from men within the genres I listen to. There are likely to be far more survivors, of all genders, in our midst as musical scenes that we know, who feel they cannot speak out.

If you would like to contribute here are the submission guidelines for survivor stories. Submission guidelines for other kinds of material

You can summit via tumblr here, you can also submit via email to unspokenunsung[at]

Artwork, text work, collage, comics, poetry, photography, or any other medium about their personal experience or about the importance of solidarity. N.B- No fictitious or generalised accounts of attacks please, people should stick to talking about their first hand experience only to avoid taking peoples’ voices from them. These can be from survivors, allies, those impacted by the rape or attempted rape of a friend or relative, or anyone else who feels they have a relevant contribution to make.

Letters and messages of solidarity, these can be to a specific survivor, to survivors in general or to yourself if you’re a survivor. I’d like this to be quite visual, so ask that they’re handwritten or that you use collage or some kind of creative format. You can then submit a photograph of your letter to this dropbox folder. You DO NOT need a Dropbox account to do so. These can be from allies, survivors or secondary survivors.
Incident accounts from survivors.

Personal stories & comments from secondary survivors (partners, relatives & close friends of survivors).

Survivors & secondary survivors: What, if anything, has helped or would help you in recovery?
Allies, survivors or secondary survivors: Artwork & creative contributions such as poetry

Comments or articles from allies, survivors or secondary survivors: about solidarity & ideas for everyday actions to help break the silence, or encourage talking about consent in a meaningful way.

SUBMISSIONS ARE ANONYMOUS, though you can be credited if you ask to be. PLEASE IDENTIFY WHETHER YOU’RE A SURVIVOR, SECONDARY SURVIVOR OR ALLY WHEN SUBMITTING. SUBMISSION DEADLINE December 1st 2017 January 31st 2018 (though this is flexible, if you’d like to submit but need more time, please get in touch!) Please ignore the dates in the PDF submission guidelines.

Survivors & Secondary survivors please note: whilst your story can be inspirational, it’s ok if it isn’t, it’s ok if you’re still stuck in a relationship, if you chose to stay and work on it, if you’re really in trauma hell right now. You don’t need to pretty up your story for anyone else’s sake.

Please note that submission does not guarantee inclusion, if we get a great deal of material, we will do our best to create a zine that reflects our artistic vision and intentions, but we promise to try and include as much as we can.

My story: I’m 36, white, straight, female survivor of 3 rapes. All 3 were committed in long term relationships, using physical restraint but not violence. The first was in my university days, with a guy I’d been dating about a year, who wouldn’t take no for an answer. The other 2 rapes happened when I was 29 with a guy who suddenly changed on me after >3yrs together of him being respectful & considerate. Because my story is one that I’ve been assured is very common, but there is little literature about, I want to try and create this resource as a way to help others and try to get some closure/solidarity.


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