Mega Mini-Zine Review: ZineWriMo 2017 Pack

ZineWriMo 2017 Pack
Samantha Riegl

ZineWriMo 2017 Pack is a pack of 11 mini-zines – one ‘main’ one covering ZineWriMo 2017 prompts, and ten made when the prompt for the day call for making a zine.

I love this, I love this, I love this. Plus, my bias is that I created the ZineWriMo prompt list. Just in case you don’t have time to read the whole review. Haha.

I decided to review these zines as a bundle not only because they are all related but also because I really love this idea of ‘interconnected’ zines like a puzzle or separated chapters of a book that add extra content to the main book.

The ‘main’ zine is a gorgeously chunky little zine. It opens with the prompts list, and I was delighted to find a table of contents (not usually a feature of the A7 sized zine) followed. It was so much fun to read about another zinemaker’s process and their interpretation of the prompts.

Whenever I came to a ‘make a zine’ prompt take, I almost felt like I had a sort of advent calendar. Bonus content. It made for a different sort of zine reading experience putting aside the main zine so I could look at the next mini. Each additional mini has the day of ZineWriMo it corresponds to on the back (except the ‘wordless zine’ day mini) just in case, like me, you drop them and they get a little mixed up.

Blackout Poetry and ‘How to Pronounce Zine’ are my equal favourites – the latter making me chuckle. However, I do think I really need to check out Animal Crossing now.

I think this is a great, fun zine set, and I really hope people check it out (and feel inspired to make their own come November!).

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