International Zine Month 2018 – Day 26 – Zine Organisation Station

Hello, zine friends! Today is the day that I take on the prompt that I knew I wouldn’t be able to take on last night. And I still underestimated the time and energy it would take to do it. Ooph!

Yesterday’s Prompt:

Organise your zine collection

I must admit that I’ve known this was coming for a while but was still avoiding it a bit. Haha. I knew I had a lot of zines, but it was easy to bliss over that with them all in the one box…

But then I spread them out on the table to start organising them.

Looking at the pictures, I wish I would have counted them. I felt a bit overwhelemed with the massive pile on the table. Where would I start? But then I started noticing zines I hadn’t looked at for a while that I loved and zines that reminded me of zine events. Soon enough I started putting them in the cello bags I picked up months and months ago (told you I was avoiding it!).

The first hiccup in my plan came with zines that were too big (usually too wide) to fit into the bags. They got their own separate pile.

The second hiccup came in the form that, while I got a lot of my zines organised, I didn’t get everything organised.

I ended up with quite a few zines that I had to pop right back into the box – but don’t get me wrong: I’m certainly not complaining about having a lot of zines! (Nevernevernevernever.) I’m happy to have organised what I could, but I was left feeling less than great because… I don’t actually like this way of organising zines. I have a lot of zines from some people, which made some bags bulk out quite a bit.

I’m also concerned about getting in and out of all the bags. I reference zines all the time. Making them easier to find is an obvious good thing. But the somewhat fragile looking cello bags has me concerned about ripping bags. Especially if I’m grabbing some of the heavier ones.

Alas, trying to figure out the best system for a big zine collection is a problem I certainly don’t mind having. It may just be a while before I find the ideal solution for me.

That being said – how do you organise your zines? I’d love to see pictures!


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7 Replies to “International Zine Month 2018 – Day 26 – Zine Organisation Station”

  1. I always love to see other people’s systems, folders, and boxes for organising their zine collection! cool to see how you do it! I use magazine boxes from ikea. it’s probably not ideal (certainly not for long-term archiving) but works for me for now.


    1. Hehe. This is definitely a temporary system. Do you like the magazine boxes? That’s exactly what I was thinking about doing! Once I get some shelves built. 🙂


      1. Yes, the magazine boxes work well for me. I like to invent categories for them too and decide which colour fits best. 🙂 I might need more shelves soon though but I don’t have enough walls! 😮


            1. I’m definitely going to go with magazine holders. And perhaps a few bigger boxes for people I regularly exchange zines with. 🙂


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