Looking at the Year Ahead

Hello, zine friends!

I intended to write this post much earlier in the month, but – as you may know – 2019 came out swinging.

Wanderer ended up for a short stay in hospital. He’s feeling back to normal now, thank goodness, but the days were stressful, as he dislikes hospitals at the best of times and was a bit of a medical mystery to the doctor. Financial stresses keep piling up, any my own medical issues are proving annoying as they butt into my focus while I’m trying to focus on other things.

However, I will leave all the negativity here and now. As I’m typing this. I have stressed, cried, wondered how it could all possibly work… and now it’s time to let go. Oh, the things are still there, but there’s a difference between dealing with the stressful things and focusing on them to the point where you feel like they will consume you.

When I watched Feral Publication’s video, I felt inspired to put my focus on the positives. To the things I’m working toward. And to put those things ‘out there’ into the zineverse rather than containing them strictly within my head.

Here are my goals for this year:

*Finish all zine projects still ‘open’ from 2018
*Make at least five zines
*Submit to at least ten collab zines
*Go to Festival of the Photocopier
*Open the Sea Green Zine Distro
*Read at least one book a month (I read heaps of zines but would like to read more books)
*Finish the first draft of my next story (not sure if it’s novel-length just yet)

There’s certainly a lot more that I’d like to accomplish this year, but I want my goals to be distinct from all the various things things on my to-do list. They are also ‘SMART’ – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely.

I’ll stop my ramble here, friends, as I’ve wandered a bit more in the writing of this post than I thought I would. Haha.

I wish you all the best in the year to come – whether you made your goals on New Year’s Eve, haven’t made them yet, or would rather not make goals. Should you be stressed or overwhelmed, I hope the universe provides you with everything you need to take it in stride.

Best wishes always.

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