Zine Review: A Guide to Soap Operas

A Guide to Soap Operas
Amber is Blue

A Guide to Soap Operas is a small square black and white text mini about Amber’s love of soap operas, why soap operas are special, iconic soap opera couples and plot lines, and more.

I picked this zine up because I was pleasantly surprised to see a zine on this topic. There’s so often negativity attached to the shows and watching them – something Amber addresses.

They open by writing about how having bad childhood asthma led to many days spend at home – with time to watch soap operas.

Amber had me hooked and enjoying so much nostalgia whey they mentioned the first soap they watched was Days of Our Lives. Haha. Hope and Bo! But’sit’s not all about the nostalgia – as pleasant as that is. Amber also touches on the other cool aspects of soap operas.

I’d never really thought about the longevity of these shows or about the actors in them, but it is pretty amazing. Amber mentions the abundance of strong female characters – one in particular who has been on one soap opera longer than Amber has been alive!

If you like/d soap operas and would like a smile, this is a zine for you.

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