Zine Review: Elevation

Niina Aoki

Elevation is an A6 black and white zine with full colour cover about a cat’s obsession with maximum altitude.

Sometimes you just need a super cute zine about a cat. This is one of those zines.

From a 4cm fan leg to landmarks around the world (and beyond?), Niina takes us on a fun journey of cat sits. Each page features an item with the cover cat sitting on it along with the elevation of the item itself. As you turn each page, each elevation gets higher and more fantastic. Paired with Niina’s super cute art style, this is absolutely adorable.

A fun additional bonus for Elevation is that it opens with Niina’s recommendation that you listen to a specific song while enjoying the zine. (No spoilers. Hehe.)

I have to mention my ‘no socials’ nitpick, but Niina’s name is clearly on the cover (and their website pops up first in a Google search) so it’s okay.

This supercute idea combined with a supercute art style makes a zine I really love. Cat enthusiasts know that cats like to chill out high up, so this zine is great. Definitely check it out.

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