Mini Zine Review: Sometimes People Don’t Suck 1, 2, 3

Sometimes People Don’t Suck 1, 2, 3
Hannah Williams

Sometimes People Don’t Suck 1, 2, 3 are a set of black and white one-page mini-zines, each one featuring a brief and pleasant interaction with a stranger.

It’s easy to go on about how bad people are, so it’s nice to see reminders that people are good, too.

As someone who has social anxiety, these zines with both confronting and comforting. The moment Hannah was approached by a stranger, I felt myself tense up and get nervous despite well and truly knowing the title of the zines. I still had a bit of tension in me by the time I finished reading all three stories, but the logical part of me recognised how reassuring it is to read about people being nice when they had nothing to gain.

Save for ‘HRW’ on the back of each zine, there aren’t any contact details. A Google search brings up the Human Rights Watch, so it might be worth putting an email or social on them.

As much as they made me a little tense, I enjoyed the reminders that there are sweet, generous, nice people out there – including Hannah.

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