Happy Mail Monday – Mail Makes It Better Edition

There are all sorts of zines to love in this edition of Happy Mail Monday. Check out the zines from near and far…

Thank you so much for watching.


Awesome People/Places/Spaces Mentioned:

*Real Tioga – https://www.instagram.com/walterinowego/
*Real Tioga on Etsy – https://www.etsy.com/shop/realtioga/
*Real Tioga Review – https://www.seagreenzines.com/zine-review-real-tioga-vol-7/

*Iestyn – https://www.instagram.com/iesorno/
*Zine Love – https://zinelove.wordpress.com/
*Zine Love on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/groups/1787058531396409/

*Kermesse / 16Pages – https://www.instagram.com/16pages/ / https://www.patreon.com/16pages

*Zine-o-matic – https://www.zineomatic.com/

*The Android / Phil Schrader – (Contact Nyx for PO Box)

*Apples – http://chickencollective.storenvy.com/


My PO Box:

Jaime Nyx
PO Box 378
Murray Bridge, SA 5253


You Can Find Me At:


Link Tree: https://linktr.ee/seagreenzines

7 Replies to “Happy Mail Monday – Mail Makes It Better Edition”

  1. 😀 ooh i loved to hear you sing! you have a good voice, no worries! but i still don’t get the reference, maybe some cultural reference i missed?


      1. Oh no worries… it’s also French dialect or jargon I think. Not actual French spelling, making it even more complicated.


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