Zine Review: Sugar Rabbit

Sugar Rabbit
Marta Tesoro

Sugar Rabbit is an A5 black and white zine dedicated to the love of sweet treats.

A zine after my own heart. Or, rather, sweet tooth.

Featuring drawings of a super cute bunny enjoying a variety of treats, Marta shares their love of sweets. (I didn’t mean that to rhyme, but there we go.) Each page is dedicated to a particular sweet – starting with (a winner in my book) M&Ms. I lovely, cursive handwriting, Marta writes briefly about why they love each treat.

I have a strong sweet tooth (surprise, surprise) so I expected to know about all of the sweets inside this zine. Lo and behold, deep fried Oreos are a thing!

Marta’s art style is absolutely adorable. A bunny hugging a marshmallow? So cute, and yes, more please. The style works so well with the subject matter.

I won’t get into the reasons, but I spend a lot of time feeling ashamed and being shamed for my sweet tooth. I really adore this zine space of cuteness, fun, and love for something that Marta loves. That I just so happen to love, too.

Sugar Rabbit is a sweet (pun fully intended) zine about sweet treats. If you like cute, if you like sweets, then definitely grab a copy.

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