ZineWriMo 2019 Day 30: ZineWriMo Wrap Up (BONUS: Make a zine about it!)

Hello, hello, and hello once more, wonderful zine friends. Welcome to the final day of ZineWriMo! Hardly seems possible to me, but the calendar tells me that it is so.

ZineWriMo Wrap Up (BONUS: Make a zine about it!)

Ah, what a month. I feel like this year has been a lower key ZineWriMo, which is exactly what I wanted it to be. Creativity and inspiration rather than pressure and stress.

I had two main goals this month: post each day about the prompt for that day and to make the next Missive From Murray Bridge.

I didn’t quite post every day on the day, but that being said, I did learn a bit about self-forgiveness and the fact that life just keeps happening regardless if of whether we like it or not. Haha. Bonus lessons for the win. I also finished up Missives From Murray Bridge 25, which I will be sending out sooner rather than later.

And there we have it – a rather simple wrap up for a nice month of zine creativity.

How did your ZineWriMo go? Did you enjoy the month? The prompts? Did you make a zine or some zines? Let me know in the comments.

Until then, make some zines and spread a little sunshine.

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