Zine Review: Heavenly Match

Heavenly Match: The Number 1 Dating App in Disneyland
Melissa J Steward

‘Heavenly Match: The Number 1 Dating App in Disneyland’ is an A5 black and white zine featuring couples from across the Disney franchise as reimagined by the Disney dating app.

“The Magical Algorithm is a unique combination of four elements designed to generate a heavenly match the Princes and Princesses most desire.”

Have you ever thought matches made in Disney movies aren’t quite right? That a character from one movie might be better suited to another? Then this is the zine for you!

Heavenly Match is a zine featuring match profiles for Disney characters from across the franchise. From Aladdin to Snow White, neither time nor distance will keep these characters from being matched.

I really like the level of detail Melissa put into this. Names, pictures, locations, distance from each other – and plenty more! Even mutual friends, when they have them. It’s fantastic It’d have been easy to make some cheeky fun couples, but the extra thought put into things makes it all the more enjoyable.

Not to mention the slightly cheeky comments Fairy Godmother slips in with the “Fairy Godmother Says” section with each pair.

The centre spread consists of the algorithm quote above, a definition of fan shipping, Disney movie star signs, and more. I would have been perfectly content with a zine full of matches, but I enjoyed these additions to the fun.

I started writing this review thinking that I wouldn’t spoil any of the couples within it… but I cannot resist saying how adorable I think Snow White and Rapunzel would be together. Plus on character staying fiercely single is awesome, too.

I want to touch again on the little details with this zine. The type is big and easy to read, Melissa gives acknowledgments *and* references *and* clear social details, and there’s even a complementary Spotify playlist to check out as well!

I grew up with Disney movies but never became a big fan. That being said, I still thoroughly enjoyed this zine. Check it out.

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