Mini Zine Review: Dad Jokes

Dad Jokes
Saff Miro

Dad Jokes is a full colour mini ‘lift the flap’ zine full of some awesome dad jokes.

I love this zine so much. There’s the TL:DR right there for you at the start.

This cute zine has one dad joke per page with each joke consisting of two parts: one, the joke opener, and two, the punch line hidden by a colour illustration that you flip up (or down) to reveal.

This is so much fun on so many levels. I would have appreciated a mini-zine full of dad jokes in a ‘standard’ set up for the smiles – smiles always being welcome! – but the ‘lift the flap’ element is awesome. That adds a kid-like element for the reader (I loved lift-the-flap and other interactive books when I was a young one), which goes so well with the whole feel of the zine.

The one thing this cute as mini is missing is some socials, but with Saff’s name nice and clear, it’s pretty easy to find the Instagram and Twitter.

Definitely grab a copy of this one. It’s a smile waiting to happen in your life.

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