Mini Zine Review: Weird Sh** Out of Context

Weird Sh** Out of Context

Weird Sh** Out of Context is a black and white, primarily text A7 mini-zine full of out-of-context quotes.

I was in the mood for something fun, and this zine really hit the spot. Full of plenty of strange – even in any context I can imagine – statements, each in their own speech bubbles, you can spend as much or as little time as you like pondering the strangeness. Latibule makes full use of the space, too, so there’s plenty to ponder.

Usually with a mini, I wouldn’t share any quotes because there’d be so few, but Latibule has filled this mini right up with strange and wonderful quotes. So I think it’s okay to share the quote that made me wonder the most and chuckle the most:

“Gooey, gooey children.”

Hilarious or horrifying – which way did your mind go?

My one nit pick is that Latibule didn’t include any socials or the like anywhere in the zine. Not a huge thing, but, in Latibule’s case, a lot of things that aren’t her come up when you google “Latibule” so I thought I’d mention.

Pick up this mini and other minis like it. It’s a fun reminder of what strange creatures we humans are.

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