ZineWriMo Day 1 – Brainstorming Day

Hello, zine friends! Welcome to the fresh as a rose start to a new month. Here’s hoping that November brings calmer, safer, and better times for everyone. Goodness knows we could all use it!

Today we start with a prompt that is as creative as you’d like it to be, so lets dive in…

Brainstorming Day – Brainstorm ideas for this month.

I couldn’t decide whether I liked “Brainstorms” or “Thought Gardens” more, so I decided to have both.

I had some fun with the list itself by breaking out my highlighters. I think my art therapy class might be affecting me a bit. Haha. Either way, it was fun, colourful, and felt a lot more creative (for me) than my scribbled handwriting on an otherwise blank page.

I can already tell you there’s no way I’m doing everything I’ve written down here, but I enjoyed the process. It was fun to just let the ideas flow without instantly compartmentalising into whether I can do it, the exact logistics, so on and so forth. Like most zinemakers, I have so very many zine ideas. Today proved a relaxing way to get ideas down on paper. Not to mention other possible goals for the month like finally getting the zine cave into a level of organised that I would like!

Brainstorms? Thought Gardens? Mind meditations? How did your first activity go?


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Get the full list of prompts and find out what this whole ZineWriMo thing is all about here.

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