Zine Review: Survival Tips for Dark Times

Survival Tips for Dark Times: Things to Try When You’re Feeling Miserable
Liminal Spaces

Survival Tips for Dark Times is a black and white slightly smaller than A7 zine of encouragement and things to try when you are feeling down.

“You’re allowed to do whatever it takes to feel better.”

Survival Tips for Dark Times opens with an introduction to the zine including how the zinemaker finds it useful to have a premade list of ideas for things to do during dark times. From there, we go into a list of some of those things – but wait, there’s more! After this list, Liminal Spaces includes a blank (but for some art) spread for the reader to create a list of their own ideas. They then wrap up the zine with more encouraging words for the reader.

I love this zine. Self-care is something I really struggle with, so I always appreciate ideas and reminders in that area. I love that Liminal Spaces went those extra steps to give the reader not only extra encouragement but extra space to write down their ideas as well. It turns the zine into something that you might put down and reference later into something even more interactive.

From the fonts used to the detailed art primarily featuring nature, the design is absolutely lovely to. I feel like the art style and even the paper weight fit with a zine about times when we feel a bit delicate, amongst other words.

I definitely recommend this zine through and through. Grab a copy.

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