Mini-Zine Review: Positive Affirmations

Positive Affirmations
Weirdo Brigade

Positive Affirmations is a full-colour, 9cm x 10.5cm zine with lovely affirmations.

How you talk to yourself is incredibly important, and zines like this can help guide you when you’re at a loss for what to say.

Weirdo Brigade opens right into the positive affirmations with one affirmation (save for one across the middle spread) on each colourful page. WB’s handwriting is big and oh-so-easy to read, and the colourful backgrounds of each page are fun, adding to the positive vibes without being distracting or overwhelming.

This is one of those zines that is as quick a read as you make it. It could be nice to read over for a quick pick me up, or you can take your time and really ponder what each statement means to you personally. There aren’t a lot of affirmations in this zine, so I won’t share any. However, I will say that it has some that I have never read before, and I definitely took the path of taking my time to think about what each meant in my life.

Positive Affirmations is a pick-me-up zine to pick up.

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