Zine Review: It’s Just Another Day: Lil’ Boy Jake

It’s Just Another Day: Lil’ Boy Jake
BluRaven C. Houvener
8 pages

It’s Just Another Day: Lil’ Boy Jake is a black and white, US-sized ½ fold comic zine “…tale of the power fear can have over you, how strong an overactive imagination can be, and the unexplained mysteries that still exist in life! Take the lesson to heart yourself to overcome fear in your life…”

Sign me up!

It’s Just Another Day: Lil’ Boy Jake opens with an introduction from BluRaven, from which I snagged the quote above. It’s a great opener that made me feel both inspired and all the more curious about the comic I was about to read.

And may I just mention that BluRaven’s self-drawing is both so cool and so adorable all that the same time.

From there we get into the comic. Jake is a young person who grew up with an obsession with aliens (like many of us?). No creepy sounds in the night or lack of sleep stops Jake from reading all the books and watching all the television specials. This all adds up to one intense night when…

Well, I won’t spoil it.

BluRaven’s art style is fun and relaxed, which suits the story quite nicely. The story lives up to being a tale of fear and overactive imagination without being preachy or negating the wonder of the unknown in the world. It was a fairly quick read that made me smile, and I reread it a few times. (Plus extra smiles for the story behind the dog’s name Cluck.)

This is the first comic by BluRaven that I have read, and it’s a great introduction. I’m looking forward to reading more by BluRaven.

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