International Zine Month – Days 25 – 27

Hello, zine friends! It’s another multi-prompt IZM day here in the zine cave with plenty on as always. I hope the start to the week has found you well and rolling along with things gently. A lot of people are going through a lot of stuff right now, so remember to be gentle and kind not only to others but to yourself too.

So let’s see what we have!

International Zine Month – Day 25 – Off to Review

Today’s prompt is:

Send your zine for review to a website or magazine that does reviews.

There are quite a few reviewers out there these days and thus a lot of good ways to get your zine in front of new eyes. But when it comes to sending out a new zine (which I should have in August!), I always think of Ryan, Feral Publication, and Craig.

Do you have any zine reviewers you recommend? Have you sent your zine to a new-to-you reviewer? Let me know in the comments.

International Zine Month – Day 26 – My Zine Collection

Today’s prompt is:

Organise your zine collection. Post a shelfie online.

Oh gosh. I’m almost a little shy to send this, but here we go…

The zine cave is in a perpetual state of change at the moment, so my zine collection is being stored in… the closet. Yes, I know, but it is the zine cave closet, so that’s something. I also store empty flattened boxes for shipping things in there, too (that’s what you see on the right).

It’s not perfect, pretty, nor ideal, but it is the current state of my collection. I’m just glad it’s organised at all. Haha.

I’d love to see what you do with your collections…

International Zine Month – Day 27 – Collaboration Day

Today’s prompt is:

Ask a zine friend if they would like to do a split zine of collaboration.

Yet another thing on the to-do list! Zippity Zinedra and I talked about doing a split zine earlier this year, and it is still on the list! So we got the asking a friend part done early… the making the split zine will – with luck and determination – come later this year.


And that’s it for me for today zine friends. I hope you’re having fun this month and getting your zine on!



Like with all years, I like to keep a running list of links to people/places participating in International Zine Month. So if that sounds like you, then please let me know! Comment here on the blog or send me an email at seagreenzines at gmail


*Echo Publishing

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