Call for Submissions: The World Beyond

Calling all transmasculine creators: we’re looking for contributors for a sci-fi zine made by us, for us, and about us!

The World Beyond our Station is a for-charity science fiction anthology for all transmasculine artists and writers, looking for work about what being transmasculine means to you with a sci-fi flair. Maybe you’ve always felt at home within tales about alien planets, maybe you’re looking to explore transhumanism in an extra trans way. Whatever your idea is, the sky is the limit here and we’re looking for your work.

We are looking for applicants who identify anywhere under the umbrella term of “transmasculine.” That can include anything from binary trans men to transmasculine lesbians and multigendered individuals, as long as you identify comfortably with the label and view your experience through a transmasculine lens.

We are interested in:
>Spot illustrations
>Photos of 3-dimensional works
>…and more! If you’ve got a unique idea you’d love to see fit into a zine context, reach out and we’ll see if we can make it work!

Applications for the zine are open until January 31st. We have two separate applications available.

1. The main zine will have a juried application process, and is open to all contributors 16+. Those selected in this application round will have their work included in our printed physical zine, and anyone who is not accepted can choose to contribute to the PDF-only side zine. Applications for the main zine are available here:

2. We’re making a PDF-only side zine to capture extra voices from the community that can’t fit into a limited physical format. The PDF-only zine is open to all applicants 14+, and any completed submissions will be included in the PDF, provided the content is appropriate for inclusion. If you’re a younger creator or just not interested in the juried process, you can sign up for the side zine at

If you have any questions or would like to keep an eye on the zine’s progress, there’s a few ways you can reach us!

The deadline to apply for The World Beyond is January 31st 2022.

We look forward to seeing your work!

[Image description: A call for contributors for a zine. Image is a blue alien with antennae in front of a blue background. Text reads: Seeking contributors for a transmasc scifi zine. Applications for writers and artists now open. Applications close: 31st January 2022. Two links are included: and]

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