Festival of the Photocopier 2016

Festival of the Photocopier 2016

Side note: If you have a graphic you want me to share of your upcoming zine event (anywhere worldwide) let me know! I don’t limit announcements to calls for submissions.


Confession time: I have never been to a zine fest. Or zine event, for that matter. The idea of all the people, the possible talking, my anxiety making me heat up like a furnace to the point people wonder why I’m fanning myself in the nice air conditioning…


But, I was chatting to Bloomurder on Etsy about a trade (I must have all of her zines!), and she asked if I was going.

As intimidated as I am, I really like the idea of going. I’ve been running around, beating my own zine drum here in regional Victoria for a while now, and maybe it’s about time.

I’m terrified… but zines.
So many people… but zines.
Trains, other public transport… but zines!



Come one, come all! Tell me about your zine event experiences! Do you reckon I’ll be okay? Do you think people will notice if I’m all ‘aglow’? (Women in Australia don’t sweat – they glow.) Do you take a bag of zines, throw them at people and then run away screaming, “READ MY ZINE!”?


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