Happy Zine Mail

Happy mail for yours truly! Have I mentioned in the past five minutes how much I love mail? No? Shame on me. Haha.

I had a bit of beautiful local zine mail come in this week all the way from New South Wales. With extras! I don’t need extras to be happy, but they certainly don’t hurt. Wink, wink. Haha.


How gorgeous, right? I can’t wait to dig into that zine. I was actually afraid that this had been lost to the mail demons, but I’m so glad it wasn’t! Lurve it!


No, YOU’RE sweet. Hehe.



A day I receive happy mail is always a lovely day.


This lovely package came all the way from LogPoes in Amsterdam! I’ll need to suss out a big ol’ swap because I want to know all about Amsterdam and its goodies. For now, I’m so excited about these zines! Especially the list zine. Lists! And the little badge is so cute. Very awesome stuff.

Alas, today has been all about trying to make a house move happen, but I did manage to design business cards and send off a zine, so it’s all going well.

6 Replies to “Happy Zine Mail”

    1. Welcome to mailing stuff to Australia. 😛 It’s the ONE thing I don’t like about living here. Well, that and the fact everything is trying to kill you. Hehe.


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