Zine Review: ‘Bots Is ‘Bots 4

Bots Is Bots 4

‘Bots is ‘Bots: Issue Four

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I’m getting a little nervous about the prospect of repeating myself when I review these zines. I suppose that’s the risk when you review a series? Despite that risk, I figure it’s about time to say that I’m still loving the quality of the paper, the bright covers, and, of course, the content!

I feel like this issue is the first one to dig into deeper story (as deep as a sarcastically humorous zine about robots gets) and the characters. While there was nothing wrong with what he has been doing, I like the switch up. Gregg seems to be focused on keeping things fresh.

I was a little sad that the funny ‘sandwich’/beginning and end comic was nixed, but I can’t think of a better way to replace it: with the origin story! Woohoo! Now we find out how the bots all came into being. Not only that, it’s a part one without a conclusion within the zine. Unless I haven’t been paying attention, this is the first time Gregg has made something so clearly continued on in a future issue.

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