Call for Submissions: BFFL.


Izzy Leslie

BFFL is a zine by Izzy Leslie all about her friendship with her friends Sam and Annie.

BFFL made me miss the closeness I had with my female friends when I was younger. Izzy talks about how their friendship came to be as well as the facets of that friendship such as secrecy and intimacy. I was surprised and a little sad about how much I had forgotten, and it was lovely to read about it when written by someone who seems to hold nothing back.

Aesthetically, this zine is very impressive. It’s 16 (front and back, covers included) glossy, full-colour pages. I feel like those choices really suited the topic and energy of this zine.

I think you’ll have a fair idea of your interest in this zine from the first sentence of review. I’m glad this zine exists because I think it’s a great example of how a zine doesn’t necessarily need to be shouting at the world. It can be about that something special for you. It can be about your friends, for your friends.

One more beautiful thing about zines.

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