Mini-Zine Review: Zines on Toast Tour

The Zines on Toast Tour
Alex Wrekk, Steve Larder, Natalie, Edd Baldry, Tom Fiction, and Isy (thank you comments!) (as drawn by Steve)

The Zines on Toast Tour is a road trip travel comic zinester style. The story follows the ‘fun idea made into reality’ of these six zine friends as they drive across the US seeing the sights and giving zine readings along the way.

This zine really caught my attention from the get go. I do so love crisp, clear handwriting and this art style. However, even more than that, I love the different style of the cover. I’ve never seen an ‘the cast’ style of introducing everyone involved, and it gives a feeling of the ‘fun’ vibe that continues inside.

I really love the art for this zine. The panels are small but they are detailed without being too busy. While I couldn’t exactly say, “Oh, that’s Alex, and there’s Steve” in every panel, I didn’t find that as confusing or a negative.

I was a little worried that a zine like this might have inside jokes and references I didn’t understand. I didn’t have to worry, though. Funnily enough, the references that were made had asterisks and notes to what was being referenced.

As far as attribution for this zine goes, I must admit that I’m a little confused. I’ve listed everyone on the cover (and by the cover you can see where to start finding these people if you want to know more), but I have no idea who the ‘Me’ is of this group. I’d have to scan through it again to see if any of the speech bubbles refer to ‘Me’ by name…

This is a zine that I like looking at, and I will do so again many times in the future.

2 Replies to “Mini-Zine Review: Zines on Toast Tour”

  1. The “me” is Isy of Morgenmuffel zine. Really worth checking out her zines if you can find them. It’s mostly perzine comics like this minizine but in bigger size.

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