Happy Mail – Wednesday Edition

Wowza. Apologies for no post yesterday. I hit a wall, dropped all my spoons, and needed a heck of a lot of sleep to feel somewhere close to normal again.

So here we are with a slightly late happy mail post. The first beautiful bit of snail mail happiness in my post box came from The Monster Ducky:

I’m so excited about a zine that is about mail. Talk about a zine that I can hardly wait to read!

I love the touch of the typewriter stamp as well.

Simon Mackie knows how to make clear contact details! Hehe. With the header of Simon’s stationery including all of Simon’s details, it’s impossible to mistake who it’s from. I’m looking forward to reading this mini-zine from all the way across the UK

Property Zine! This beautiful glossy mag has no words but a lot of colour, and I feel so fortunate that Property Materials has sent me a copy. 🙂

For the last bit of happy mail, I have something that isn’t really zine related. However, I’ve had so many questions and comments about it, I thought I’d include it.

My fidget cube!

Yep, these little cubes of amusement are real. I found one on Ebay. Mine is a mini; you can tell because mini fidget cubes come with a hole in one corner so you can attach a wrist band. That feature was important to me as I wanted one that I didn’t have to worry too much about losing.

Yes, it has been helping. I’ve had it for less than a week, so it’s hardly an objective view, but I’ve become rather attached to mine. It’s helped me to focus, to settle down a bit more than I would be able to normally, and it helps me to, well, fidget without feeling stressed or awkward about it.

There we have it! Happy mail this week from amazing, generous people from around the world. I wish I could fully express to all of you how happy it makes me to see something in my post box. Much love to you all!

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