Happy Mail Monday: Pin Rich Edition

It’s Happy Mail Monday when I celebrate and say thank to those who have spread a little sunshine in my postbox and my life.

My wonderful friend Billy from the States sent me a postcard update about things. He was playing with the idea of moving Down Under, but alas, he remains Up Over. I wonder how many people had a laugh like I did when they saw the alien. So cute.

Comedy is in the air with a cheeky Bush postcard from Erica D that made me laugh. Erica was giving me a heads up about her new address and reminded me that I’ll need to whip up a few ‘new address’ cards soon!

Shit’s Fucked completely surprised me with an envelope of zine goodness. They even sent me a couple of pins for my rapidly growing pin collection. I’m getting pin rich! Hehe.

Fun Fact: I first heard about Shit’s Fucked on It’s Pronounced Zine – a podcast I highly recommend.

Butts 4 life!

Many, many thanks to Billy, Erica, and Shit’s Fucked for making my post box and my life a brighter place. Nothing makes me happy like mail does, and I appreciate everything that comes my way.

That’s it for me for now. I’ll be back later with IZM Day 3!

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