This is Why You Have ‘Rainy Day’ Posts

You work hard, you try to stick to a schedule, and look what happens. You sleep through posting a zine review.

On Wednesday, I said:

Barring any relapse, I will be back tomorrow with a fresh new zine review for you.

Well the relapses came in after that.

I have since read (and been told) this flu is a nasty one with people thinking that they’ve finally gone past it only for it to catch up again. I can attest to that with the massive pile of laundry I’ve accumulated due to ‘breaking’ I don’t know how many fevers.

My temperature has been normal for a couple days, but yesterday I thought, “Oh! I can actually walk. Now I can do all the things!”

Turns out I could do very few of the things and exhausted myself very quickly.

As the title states, this is why you have rainy day posts. This is why you prepare in advance. Just in case you get sick unexpectedly, and the illness hangs around – probably because the illness is making you stressed because you only have 11 more days to pack and clean this pain of a house…

I do have plans for a more consistent next two weeks, but we’ll see what actually happens.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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