#ZineWriMo Day 11 – Make a Media Box

Hello, zine friends. It’s that time for that great and mysterious thing: the media box.

Of course, I jest.

When I first started spreading the list of daily activities around, people were confused about what a media box actually was. My bad. At its simplest, a media box is…

…a place to keep all the cut and paste bits and pieces that go with and inspire your zine creating.

If you missed it and want a longer explanation, check out my post So What’s a Media Box for more details.

Just in case anyone is nervous, I didn’t actually make a media box. I just picked one out. Well, two, really…

The first is a cheap storage box from a $2 store, and the other is a makeup bag.

I don’t have much in the first container yet, as I’ve just started collecting bits and pieces – mostly die cuts and paper patterns I like. It has been nice to be able to grab it and get to zine-ing with whatever colours and such take my attention. My washi collection needed a container of its own. Haha.

So those are my media boxes. Do you have one? Did you make one? Let me know in the comments.

2 Replies to “#ZineWriMo Day 11 – Make a Media Box”

  1. I have a few media boxes too: some for coloured paper / clippings / patterned paper and one for my stamps, glitter, washi tape and a few yogi tea cards 🙂

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