Sea Green Zines Holiday Plans 2017

Hello and happy holidays, zine friends. I hope things are calm and zen for you at a time when there can be so much to… not be calm about.

This post is more of an ‘in case anyone was wondering’ sort of post. I’m not sure if anyone is particularly curious, but here we are anyway.

With everything landing as it is, I think pretty much everything is going to stay the same save for Happy Mail being on Boxing Day or the day after. (If anything comes in within the next four days.)

Though both Wanderer and I are free of any commitments for the holidays, we do like to crash in front of the TV for a day of food, grog, and entertainment on the 25th. If there are any special requests for posts or anything like that, I’m happy to do whatever. Don’t be shy about asking whether it’s a question answered or a post on a particular topic.

I’m still planning on reviews as usual for this week. If I do take a rest from reviews, it’ll happen next week. But I’m really only saying that because I feel a little weird that I’m not really taking any time. Is that weird? Meh?

Wow. This is an even more relaxed post than I thought it would be.

Be sure to come back tomorrow for something special…


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