Zine Review: Catzine 2

Catzine 2
Fafa Jaepelt & Others

Catzine 2 is an A5 black and white comic zine featuring cats!

Also, it’s in Portuguese.

Despite me not knowing a word of Portuguese, Henry and Fafa were kind enough to send me Catzine 1, and I absolutely loved it. Lo and behold, here is Catzine 2, and I am loving it even more! (Though if there is a Catzine 3, I think I should start learning Portuguese, yes?)

I’ve enjoyed making a little game of ‘what does it actually mean’ in which I look at a comic, guess what it’s about, and then translate the words to see if I’m right. I did pause once, though, and laughed at the whole delay involved in getting to the punchline when you have to type each bit into Google translate.

The comic wasn’t all laughs, however. There is one comic about being in the moment with those you love while they are around that really broke my heart. The art was so good that I didn’t need translate all that much to understand the story.

Like with Catzine 1, the art is fantastic. I love the variety, but I also noticed more of Fafa’s art involved, which is absolutely good by me. I also liked the little touches like printing on cream paper instead of white and vellum acting as an inner cover.

When you love something, you love something, and I love cats. I hope Catzine 3 exists or is on its way. If you love cats, check out this zine.

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