Happy Mail Monday: Zines Aren’t Dead Edition


Hello, zine friends! Welcome to the start of a new week. It’s a bit of a humid, rainy start to the week around these parts, but I’m happy for it given the heat we’ve been dealing with. Bleugh.

Last week was such a zine-filled week! Ah, I love seeing something in the post box so much. So much. I don’t get out much so this makes me really happy level of happiness.

Ahem. Enough about that. Let’s check out the mail!

I love that Nina from Echo Publishing and I have reached the point where we just send each other mail without it needing to be an ‘official’ zine trade and such. I do so much better when I can just send mail when I have the money for stamps. Hahaha.

I am always absolutely thrilled to see anything from Nina in the mail, and this envelope was chock full of zine goodness. Eee! Thank you, Nina!

Oh, the timing! This zine mail is from Jason Rodgers – and I was just reading some of his writing in Cuneiform 17! If that’s not some cool timing of the zineverse, then I don’t know what is.

Thank you, Jason!

Grooooooooooooound! Woo! Remember Ground Issue 1? Well these are issues two and three! Wow am I so excited. It’s sooo cool to know the people making the zines and avoiding my childhood frustration of having no idea where to get the next issues of a comic.

Now I know the people who make the comics. Kid? Meet lolly shop.

Thanks so much to Lee for sending these along with a pin for my collection!

This is from a couple of new zine friends from the UK, Mark and Christine. I love the note they sent along with one part reading, “…starting to become aware that zines did not die in the 70s!” How funny is that? I love it!

No, zine friends, zines are alive, kicking, and making me feel the warm fuzzies in my hearts. Thank you so much for sending me your zine to review!

A huge thanks to everyone who takes the time and the stamps to send me zines and other goodies, making my world a brighter and happier place to live in.

My best wishes to you all for a beautiful week. Until next time!


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