Technical Difficulties (Hello, Monday!)

Hello, zine friends! I hope this post finds you well and starting your week with wonderful things.

Mondays are usually for mail opening videos, but alas, this Monday has brought technical difficulties here. What started as trying to get my video editing software to work has ended up being a grand affair which has left my computer, well, repairing at the moment. (Wanderer is the more technical person.)

I know I could post something a bit ‘rougher’, but I’d really rather keep with how I do things now.

Does that make me a stickler? Probably. Haha. It’s been a battle between the part of me that prizes consistency in what I do and the part of me that wants to keep (and improve, of course) what I’m already doing.

This is the point when I wonder if I’m overthinking. Haha.

Keep your fingers crossed for me that everything will be sorted by tomorrow.

Especially as I have something special planned for the podcast on Wednesday…

Until next time!

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