Zine Review: Wildlife of Victoria Vol 2 – Entirely Domesticated Animals

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Wildlife of Victoria Volume 2 is an A5 black and white zine that is a continuation from Wildlife of Victoria Vol 1 – Semi-Domesticated Animals. In this volume, two chooks (chickens) go wandering around town, the importance of timing when walking a friend’s dog, a recipe, and tips on moving house when you have chooks.

Wildlife of Victoria Vol 2 launches right in with a tale about when chickens Harriet and Hermione went missing out of the back yard. With a combination of text, Twitter tweet screenshots, and even a screenshot of a text conversation between Apples and Apple’s mum, I quickly found myself getting pulled right into the events. (And a bit worried about Harriet and Hermione as well!)

I found myself glad that Apples carried over the use of tweets from volume one. While I’m ambivalent about the platform itself, the addition of the screenshots made me feel even more ‘in the moment’ with the story itself. Add in the pictures – even though they were a little hard to make out at times – and it turned into something more than an anecdote alone.

I found myself laughing out loud later in the zine at ‘the dog who would not be walked’. I love my dogs and my cat, but ‘what even are they’ is so true.

I wouldn’t have thought myself in much need of tips for moving house with chooks, but I actually read the section with a lot of interest. Apples’ sense of humour adds to it all, making the whole thing even more engaging.

I think both this zine and the first are a lot of fun. I smile and laugh as I read Apples’ adventures with various animals, Apples’ sense of humour is great, and I’m hoping there are more or will be more in the future.

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