Zine Review: Cats Not Kids 2

Cats Not Kids #2
Purple Donna

Cats Not Kids #2 is an A6 black and white perzine about Premature Ovarian Failure (POF), veganism, not wanting children, cute pictures of cats, and more.

I love reading about a zinemaker getting such a positive response to their first zine that they made a second. I enjoyed Cats Not Kids #1 so much that I was eager to read the second.

Cats Not Kids opens with a short comic and written piece about having a phobia of phones – specifically of phone calls! Talk about one of the biggest ways I can identify with someone. I nodded along as I read, knowing all too well the sweating and fear that can come along with the ringing of a phone.

Donna goes on to write about Premature Ovarian Failure and the frustration around being constantly told ‘you’ll change your mind later’ when it comes to not wanting children. Add in the frustration of wanting to deal with POF without the focus on conceiving, and you have a big mess that all too many people have to deal with.

I felt (and feel) so much for Donna in this – stuck in a place where it’s implied that you must only want your ovaries and uterus to work correctly if you want children. Otherwise, even some medical professionals don’t understand why you would bother.

On that note, there is a stronger ‘don’t want kids’ tone to this zine than in the first, so if you’re sensitive to that, now you know.

Donna swings back and forth between cut and past style and text only. Bits and bobs like Donna’s favourite tweets and little comics add some fun elements and variety.

I think this second installment is a good zine and perfectly fine being read on its own or out of order from the first. I think a lot of people who want their uteruses and ovaries to work correctly without being pressured to have children at the same time will find a lot to identify with in Cats Not Kids.

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