Zine Review: In My Shoes

In My Shoes
Leah De La Crux

In My Shoes is a full colour mini-photo zine about moving forward.

This is a short and sweet review of a short and sweet mini-zine.

In My Shoes features an Instax picture per page of Leah’s shoes in different locations. Each photo is accompanied by a single word, and a sentence running along all the pages. The pictures are in the fun, somewhat overexposed pictures that fit the Instax ‘Polaroid’ vibe so well.

Something about this mini tickles me. Part of it is because I thought I was the only person who liked taking pictures of feet in different locations. Another part is the little inspiring push this zine gives which is well and truly needed in increasingly difficult times.

It’s a ‘just keep swimming’ or ‘keep calm and carry on’ sort of mini that is a quick and easy read. Plus, Leah includes one of my favourite mini-zine elements: the secret inside fun element to be discovered when you unfold the zine.

In My Shoes is a little pick-me-up I’m happy to have in my collection.

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