ZineWriMo Day 3 – Mini-Zine Prep

It’s the third of the month, and we’re already cruising along with ZineWriMo! What’s on for today…

Make Mini-Zine Blanks

So today is a fairly easy day, but I always like to include it because it reminds me of how a little prep time now can save me more time (and stress, etc) later.

I tried something a little different by combining the task for the day with one of the goals I had for the month – trying out the one-page folded A7 size zine. I’ve been intrigued by the idea since Andrew first sent me the zines they create in that format. I’m not sure why it’s so curious to me, but when the creative call comes, follow it.

How’d you go with today’s prompt? Are you going with a traditional mini? Something bigger or smaller? Something new to you?


Other Participants:

*Echo Publishing


Get the full list of prompts and find out what this whole ZineWriMo thing is all about here.

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