Zine Review: Thicker than Water

Thicker than Water
Frank Candiloro
44 pages

Thicker than Water is an A5 size, black and white mature readers horror comic zine about whether we can truly break free from so-called family.

This one definitely is for mature readers – not in language but in content.

Thicker than Water opens with a nice and clear information page (though I did note most of the links aren’t working, and I found the above links by searching). From there, we begin with once upon a time through the dark woods and the ungodly sight of the Kraven residence…

The Kravens are made up by Mother Kraven and her dear sons Hansen and Gunnar. Their typical diet isn’t exactly polite or friendly, and obtaining the food they eat sets Gunnar on a path that ultimately has him questioning his life, identity, and whether blood is thicker than water.

Frank’s art style really draws me in – no pun intended. On one level, it reminds me somewhat of the show Samurai Jack, but there is more of a horror element to it. Frank truly makes it their own, distinguished style. The panels are nice and big so you can see what’s happening, and there is plenty to pay attention to. The content can be gruesome at times, but I couldn’t help but take a closer look at each panel.

I tried not to tell too much of the story because, even though it is told in a horror genre way, it leaves the reader a lot to ponder. Sure, you could pick this up, enjoy it, and put it down. But you could also pick it up, read it, and be urged to think about the meaning of family, blood, breaking free, and what’s necessary to truly to that – if being truly free is actually possible.

Perhaps it’s because I personally cut off ties with my ‘blood’ a long time ago that this really hit me, but I think others may feel the same way.

All up, Thicker than Water is a great adult horror comic with some interesting themes if you care to think deeply about them. Everything about this comic wants me to read more of Frank’s creations, more comics in general, and more horror. A win for certain.

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