ZineWriMo ’22 Day 6 – ZineWriMoZine

Hello, dear and wonderful zine friends. I hope this post finds you well. It’s quite the dramatic day here in South Australia with very loud thunder, lightning, wind, and hail. A gorgeous day for making zines, if you ask me. Which is what I did today as I catch up with ZineWriMo.

Our prompt for the day… drumroll

I have a special place in my heart for zines about zines, so I thought making one for ZineWriMo during ZineWriMo had enough layers of awesomeness.

I decided to make a little introductory zine rather than something larger about the whole month. Especially as I am doing day 6 on day 12 and won’t be fully catching up today. Sort of a ‘who, what, why’ zine that will go with ‘what’s this then?’ (my introductions to zine mini-zine).

What have you done for your ZineWriMo zine? I’d love to see them all!

Please let me know if you’re participating and where you’ll be posting so I can put your link/s on the daily list and other zinemakers can check out what you’re doing.

Happy ZineWriMo!


*Crafty With Yarn
*Echo Publishing
*Laura Chenaut

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