ZineWriMo ’22 Day 17 – ZineWiki Day

Ah, Thursday. When I was growing up, Thursdays were always my favourite. Other kids got excited about Fridays – with good reason. But I enjoyed Thursdays. There was something about getting past the middle of the week, when the buzz of the coming weekend was just starting to rise. Absolutely gorgeous.

But enough about my past. What do we have on today?

Our prompt for the day… drumroll

ZineWiki Day! Woohoo! A day for me to gush about ZineWiki.com

This site is such an awesome hub of information about zines and zinemakers. I would love to see more people using it. Getting your head around how it all works can be a little daunting, but if you go to the main page and look on the right-hand side (on computer), you will see a list of links to help get you started with making and editing pages.

My page is definitely showing some neglect, that is for sure. It needs a fresh and tidy as well as adding all the fun stuff I have been doing since the last update.

Do you have a ZineWiki page? Let me know. I’d love to check it out.

Please let me know if you’re participating and where you’ll be posting so I can put your link/s on the daily list and other zinemakers can check out what you’re doing.

Happy ZineWriMo!


*Crafty With Yarn
*Echo Publishing
*Laura Chenaut

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